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The PRO-A1060C Wide Format printer is a revolutionary solution. It features Memjet Waterfall Print head Technology that enables full color printing speed of 18.3m/min (12ips).Full color printing can reach 1600x1600dpi at 9.1m/min to deliver resolution better than the human eye can see. Your blue printing projects will never look better when the PRO-A1060C delivers the finest lines in sharp detail.


State of the art technology: Each Memjet print head is 222.8mm wide, and contains70, 400 nozzles arrayed across 5 ink channels – CMYK. The PRO-A1060C uses five print heads in a horizontal array that are computer coordinated to work together to provide a stable yet very fast printing environment that releases more than 3 billion drops of ink per second.

Ink formulated for speed PRO-A1060C features Memjet Formula Inks. This imported aqueous ink is released in drops a small as 1 picoliter for excellent color saturation and line definition. The CMYKK color configuration delivers smooth, saturated consistent color gradations from light to clark Also, the Memjet print head in dependently cleans its nozzle sto eliminate bubbles and impurities while circulating the ink between the sub tanks and print heads to achieve stable printing.

Printing Method Drop on Demand Thermal Injet
Printing Technology High-speed, ink-jet printing technology with 5 Memjet Printheads (each 222.8mm wide). Maimum printing width is 1060mm
Resolution 1600x800dpi/1600dpi
Nozzle Count 352,000 nozzles ( 70,400 nozzles/head) rate 7000,000,000 drops per second, 9.6 Hz (per printhead)
Ink Specific water based dye ink
Ink Cartridge 5 ink cartridges ( C,M,Y,K,K), 2liters/cartridge
Media types Drawing paper, poster paper, photo paper, pp, PET and more… Maimum 180gsm
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