Hot & Cold Lamination Machine

Single-side Hot and Cold Laminator BPI1600 is a 1.63m/64” wide hot and cold laminator designed as an inexpensive option for a wide range application. An ideal laminating solution for Use matte or gloss thermal films cam save your cost during hot lamination. The numerous features included with the 64 in wide format BPI1600 hot and cold laminator make it so easy to use.

  1. Roll with self-locking mandrel provides easy loading of your prints of both sides.
  2. Upper roller lift up and down by a hand wheel ensure even pressure.
  3. Once laminated, the prints can wound onto the take-up roll.
  4. Fully adjustable fraction of rolls through grips.
  5. Thick pivoting feeding tray with round edge to avoid damage to prints during Lamination
Model  Hot & Cold Lamination
Lamination Process Auto & Manual
Power Specification 220V / 230V 50/60HZ
Operational Environment Temperature 20 C – 40 C Humidity 20%-80%
Roller Type Hot & Cold Silicon roller with metal core
Dimension & Weight Machine L2000 X W750 X H1200mm
Package L2100 X W850 X H1300mm
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