Channel Letter Bender Classic & Bender - C

Ez letter CNC Bender Series has total two models to meet the different requirements.

  1. Full Functions: Our expert design on various models can meet a wide range of material and diverse sorts of channel letters. Our plan have considered every one of the capacities while creating the channel letters: Notching , flanging, V-space cutting,round and straight twisting.
  2. Benevolent programming: The product keeps running under the Windows XP OS . The man-machine interface is neighborly and simple to learn and get it. The product likewise runs quick regardless of the possibility that the DXF record is extensive.
  3. Altogether Automatic: All the activities are controlled by the PC and no need any trimming when the channel letter have been finished by the machine.
  4. Good with all DXF documents: Such as the DXF records made by ILLUSTRATOR, CAMS-MATE, TYPE3, ARTCAM, FLEXISIGN, ENROUTER, CORELDRAW and so forth.
  5. Water powered Station: Our plan has favorable circumstances of both the pressure driven station and pack air: solid power, consistent, no clamor and furthermore fast. The cutting surface is extremely smooth , with no burrs.
  6. Servo framework: Adopt the servo framework to guarantee the fast and high exactness.
Model Classic Bender Bender C
Motor Servo Servo
Motor Flanging , Notching, V Slot, Bending V Slot, Bending
Vaccum System Optional Optional
Operating System Windows 7 (32bit) / Windows XP
Bending Material Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, (Strips/Rolls)
Material Height 30-200 mm 25-150 mm
Material Thickness AL(mm): 0.4 – 2.0, SS/GI (mm): 0.4-1.2 Al/SS/GI(mm) 0.4 – 1.0
Maximum Bending Anlge 120 120
Min Radius for Circle R10 R10
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